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I have just being informed I have a subscription for Archicad plus. After just being about finish paying 8k for the license. They say i have to p[ay $800 more! or else i will have to pay 2k for the next release. (Thank you for not holding a gun to my head) Please, I wonder honestly if I can get some feedback about getting this or not. I rather safe 1.2k and I really have no choice. I hate scams! I guess this is what i get for not wanting to pirate the program and work without a license!


Alternatively, can you please advise on the best way to make the most out of this?

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Eduardo Rolon

It is not a scam it is the cost of the upgrade which as with most software are released on a yearly basis , you don't have to pay it and you can stay in your current version for as long as you want.

IIRC if you let it lapse then the price to upgrade goes up but it doesn't matter how many versions you jump.

You already paid for your current version +01 which I am guessing is 24 and 25. If you don't don't plan to upgrade to 26 then don't pay the $800 but to make it worth it the next time you upgrade should be for version 29 in order to save not paying the yearly $800 x3 = $2,400 if the price hasn't gone up during the years you stayed in 25.

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I just want to do the right thing, and this gets very frustrating. I know of people very close not paying anything at all, and I am trying my hardest to stay current. I think it's excessive as designers are not paid fairly anyway. On this note, I would like to gather honest feedback regarding the need to keep upgrading every year or wait until 29. it's very hard now to make ends meet. 

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I can appreciate the costs, as I pay out-of-pocket for my Archicad. What I did was  budget out my BIM platform needs over a 3-year timeline at a time, for both hardware and software.

After setting the initial costs, I set aside $500/yr for hardware plus the cost of upgrades (which then became an Archiplus subscription). I also budgeted for training in each of the first few years. (I took Eric Bobrow’s Best Practices 3-day course and it was well worth it. A course like that will save weeks of effort and help establish good workflow habits.) 

I think of my BIM platform as a central hub in my technical work environment, especially with the increasing data management capabilities. And I think of the GS programmers as much like architects in working to design a great platform with a huge diversity of needs by all of us.  I want them to be compensated for their professional work, too.  In AC, there are a lot of great tools, and if you are like me, you’ll want to have the newest ones within a month or two of their release. PARAMO is a great example, and before that was the Program Manager, the interactive Stair Tool, the Curtain Wall Tool, etc. Things we now think of as routine. Now there is also the MEP module (which I was paying for separately) and there is also the TwinMotion link, which I do not have time for, but I’m sure others here do use it extensively.


I hope this helps.

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I'm more concerned about your statement "I think it's excessive as designers are not paid fairly anyway." This sounds more like you need business advice rather than Archiplus advice. Can you raise your prices by 5% to cover the software costs? Can you take on one small project to pay for your primary tool? If you bill hourly, can you move to fixed pricing for portions of the work? (I hate working hourly. As I get more and more efficient with Archicad, I lose more and more money unless I raise my hourly price.) Can you use remote drafting with a markup?


It is true that some version upgrades are more valuable than others. There is usually one or two features per upgrade, though, that save enough time to pay for the upgrade. (But again, not if you bill hourly.) But you won't know which those are in advance. Overall, I think you are better off with Archiplus, but you need to have the "big picture" to feel okay about it.

Richard Morrison, Architect-Interior Designer
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Thank you kindly for your advice. I really appreciate it. I currently work for a general contractor who pays me a third of my hourly rate. Last week a former colleague recommended me to a local architect who is willing to pay a fair hourly rate to help him with work, yet the general contractor expects me to be at his office 40 hours a week and working remotely he will pay me even less. i am hoping to transition to working with that architect more. Thus, I can use remote work hope I can provide more insight in addition to taking care of mark-ups. I may have a small project i will be looking at this Monday, and that will help. I just thought i had finished paying for the permanent license  software and I see now there is more. 

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If you allow me, I am also leading something called #nofreedesginmovement, and we are trying to bring awareness for people not being paid fairly (as I am at the mercy of this contractor). We have been posting a good amount of content on LinkedIn. This is a worldwide movement started by a gentleman in Malaysia. There are 20 countries so far. 

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I have been using this forum for morale and support. Because I work on my own, and I have no other colleague that does the work. I rely on this to keep myself going. Thus, this is the one thing i really appreciate. Thank you for your answer and your support.

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@2raarchitecture It would be kind to upgrade your license every year even if you were not satisfied with the corresponding features.

Martin Luther Jules
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Barry Kelly

Your Archicad supplier should give you a list of what is included with the Archicad Plus (Select Service Agreemnet (SSA)).

Not only will you be able to upgrade to new versions each year, you should also have access to an additional surfaces library.

You may have access to additional objects from the distributor (this seems to vary depending on the distributor).

It should also cover loss or theft of the license so you do not have to purchase a new one - there may be replacement fees involved for administration and again check with the distributor if this is part of the agreement.

And a discount on the Archicad Learn portal if you are SSA member.

And there may be more.


As Eduardo mentioned, if you are looking to upgrade each year anyway, then it is worth it.



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Going through this experience too! The one thing I realized recently is that Graphisoft only supports a certain number of Mac OS versions back. So if I don't continue paying $800 a year eventually I won't be able to upgrade my computer OS since AC won't work on it potentially. 


While the last two years of version releases gave my small residential design practice almost nothing in new features it's tricky to decide if the $800 a year is worth it, but then I get worried I'll fall behind or they will in fact come out with some valuable new features / tools.


hank you very much for all of your answers. I value this support as I do work by myself. I hope the best approach is to make the most of the new features and plus website, to really juice it out, as there is little to no choice. It would be helpful to offer some tier or breakdown. I know of people not paying for all types of software, so I understand the value due to developers. I will ask to make arrangements to pay this in installments and try the make the most of it. I appreciate all of your answers. 

Mac Mini. Apple M1. 8 GB. macOS Monterrey. ArchiCAD 25. 4013 USA Full

On this note...I would like to find collaborations, to do work together. I will post about this on the forum, but I welcome working together with any of you. Thank you!

Mac Mini. Apple M1. 8 GB. macOS Monterrey. ArchiCAD 25. 4013 USA Full

You're very welcome! 

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-25 (Full)
Alienware | 64 GB RAM | Windows 10

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