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Arcicad 17 and Windows 7 not working

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Hi all,
Installed AC17 on Windows 7, with recent hot fix, program will close just after splash screen with an error message "archicad 17.0.0 component has stopped working" I then try in demo mode and same thing. Then I tried to boot in safe mode and start AC17 and it opened, but it took about two minutes. I then close program, boot in normal mode and start program and all works fine. When I close the program and try and reopen it I get the same error message. So the only time I can get it to run is boot in safe mode, open program, close program, boot in regular mode then open program. I have also updated to the latest QuickTime. And FYI it does the same thing on two Windows 7 machines.


A couple of questions come to mind:

1. Did you install on both machines using the same downloaded file?
2. Do both machines run the same firewall/antivirus?

Edit: One more thing... Did this problem exist before the hotfix?
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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin
It also could be that some program is blocking access of ArchiCAD to some folders it needs to access and write to. It happened to me before and ArchiCAD could only get to the start screen, then quit. After the blocking was handled, it worked fine.
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I ended up unblocking and still the same problem, updated windows 7 and downloaded the latest QuickTime (which I thought I had) and now all is good on both computers.

Thanks guys,

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