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CM Container missing on codemeter key - please advise

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I stumbled across codemeter update and now I cant run Archicad besides in demo.
Please advise.

Karl Ottenstein
You're continuing to make personal, vague complaints that are of no value to the other readers here.

Graphisoft never "takes away" your Codemeter key functionality. It either works - or it breaks. If the physical key is damaged, then if you are on a support agreement, it will be replaced at no or minimal cost. If you are not on an agreement, then you must pay for a replacement.

Your license is yours forever. The only exception is if you have a 'pay per use' or 'rental' license, which it seems is not the case.

Since you have a CM key, and own a perpetual license, please be specific: Why can you not get your CM key repaired or replaced? Has it been examined by tech support and have you been given a price for a replacement?
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When you complain for adequate reason others might not have to go through what you have. Asking support when appropriate and in the right way as in this matter is no break of any social conventions. My complain is sound, sane and legitimate, where I propose facts and keep things on the surface. It is the fact that while doing Graphisofts update this happened with, again, no wrong move on my part. Therefore Graphisoft is the direct cause of my loss of software. Anything else is less relevant. Last message from my distributor;

We are trying to find a solution for your problem. I'll let you know as soon as we reach a conclusion.
Srdačan pozdrav / Best regards,
Poslano s mojeg iPhonea
06.06.2018., u 15:57, Andrej Papesa
My initial message with this issue is
sent on 13. May, 2018
today is 29. June, 2018.

As for your remark " I have already deleted several posts by andrejpapesa that were spurious."- I answered-
"Please let me know in detail which posts is the word about since just recently I got apologize on this forum for my post being wrongly pointed in such manner." please do let me know which posts are at question.

Karl Ottenstein
You're wasting all of our time here. There is nothing any of us can do for you, and there is nothing about your experience (negative as it appears) that can help anyone else. Have you been phoning, daily, your reseller rather than just waiting for a reply? This situation should be solvable within days or a week at most ... and should escalate to a call to GS HQ if your reseller is somehow not being responsive.

I deleted two posts of yours - one last Sunday, one last Monday ... each of which simply had "?" as content. Bumping threads here is not acceptable. If people answer, they answer, it not, they don't. And, I have no idea what you would wish to hear from any other user anyway. Yours is a totally unique case that requires you to pick up the phone and resolve. We cannot help you here.
One of the forum moderators   •   AC 25 USA and earlier   •   MacOS 11.6.2, iMac Pro

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I already did that, tried to contact Graphisofts support and officials after distributor failed to give appropriate feedback, again; I did it in timely manner, and it seem it fell on deaf ear. Anyone reading this; Try to conceive what that means. Try to conceive what it means when you do contribute, greatly, on numerous occasions, you are open, honest and well intended, you follow the channels, you follow protocol, and as here there is someone to shut down any effort you make and serve you with stonewall. And not the stonewall material I have prepared to share but that in definition "delay or obstruct (a request, process, or person) by refusing to answer questions or by being evasive."

Imagine your several years of projects being greatly inaccessible, and you can't run core software of your job because your company you put trust into robbed you of access to your software that you have gone through fire and water to get to. And all it takes is to send file with your CM CONTAINER to you.

Eduardo Rolon
I am locking this topic. GS is working directly on this issue with Mr. Papesa.
eduardo rolón AIA NCARB
Another of the forum moderators.
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