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Can someone recommend an inexpensive video card for AC9?

Arch Willingham
I use AC9 somewhat but not a ton (we are not an architecture firm). Can y'all recommend a video card for under $100.00. Many of the cards I see in the database are $300.00 to $400.00.


Arch Willingham
Arch Willingham

Zip on over to Best Buy or even on fleabay and pick yourself up an under $ 100.00 gaming card.
Just get one with at least 128MB of memory. You can still pick up an Nvidia GF Ti 4400-4600's for under $100.00 on ebay. Not a bad card still. Any ATI's will work as well.
You really dont need a $ 4000.00 card to run AC9 imho.
Have a decent processor and plenty of ram.
AC 16.0 /Artlantis
Gigabyte mobo/ Intel i5-3570K @3.4ghz; NVidia GFX 460X2 SLI; 1TB Maxtor; DDR3 16GB ;/Win7 X64
Laptop: MacBook Pro/ 17"Glossy/ 2.33 C2D/2GB DDR2/ ATI X1600 256mb/ 320GB 7200rpm HD/ Mac Lion

Arch Willingham
Thanks for the response! Last night, after digging around on this forum, I ordered an Ati Radeon 9600PRO for $79.00 from

Liek I said, we are not professional design firm liek most of the users here. We are a mid sized general contractor ( and I use AC only about once a week. I'll post my results.


Arch Willingham
Arch Willingham

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