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Cannot sign in to my License Manager Tool or Archicad 26 on my MAC Book Pro




I have downloaded Archicad 26 and License Manager Tool on my MacBook Pro at home, and the Software license has also been uploaded onto the Graphisoft IF/Company Profile page. I have also logged out of Archicad at the office. When starting up AC26 at home, I attempt to login to Archicad with my ID and I get the following message -  'Unable to connect to Graphisoft ID server, please check you computer's network connection', etc. (Please see attached screen shot). Also my attempt logging into the License manager tool has the same problem. The LMT requests that I plug in a physical key to my computer, despite having a software licence. (Please see attached screen shot)


In trying to rectify this problem I have also adjusted privacy settings on my computer for both the LMT and AC26. 


Can you please advise on what the issue is, as all my attempts are not working and this is increasingly frustrating.



Thanks in Advance. 




Rex Maximilian

I've noticed an increasing amount of failed uploads or downloads. Always have to relaunch, or sometimes wait it out. Yikes!

Rex Maximilian, Honolulu, USA -
ArchiCAD 26 (user since 3.4, 1991)
16" MacBook Pro; M1 Max (2021), 32GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, 32-Core GPU
Creator of the Maximilian ArchiCAD Template System

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