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Change a language from Polish to English




I have a problem with the language of the Archicad. I downloaded an English version of the program and I'd like to use it in this language as well but since I'm from Poland I have the polish version available only and my serial number doesn't work for the English version of Archicad.


I've tried to change my country to the United Kingdom but Graphisoft site allows me to download the polish version only. What can I do in this situation?



There is not much you can do. Dongles (and probably serial numbers as well) are limited to your localization. A POL version dongle doesn't support an INT version. But you can start a project on an INT version template and use the INT library - just be very careful if you will be using properties, classifications and ifc export, as there might be some inconsistencies due to different languages. I am not sure if using another localisation library is allowed by Graphisoft, you should check that first. (With @Gordana Radonic or another GS admin here).

This is a serious problem and I have stated this on a few occasions, but I was told that having different localisation versions has a greater benefit as the localized versions are better adopted to local standard requirements. This part I do understand, but as a holder of an INT license this is limiting me very much if I would want to co-work on a project outside this localisation.

I was told somewhere only an english based dongle version supports more english based localisations.


EDIT: as @mikas stated the FIN license does support the INT version. I just tried to run a v24 GER with my INT license and this one doesn't work. There are obviously some different Graphisoft limits in charge here which we don't know about. 

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Is there a change in this policy? Or is the license policy different between countries?


I have always been able to use both FIN and INT versions of Archicad, since a long time I believe. I believe it was when the software deliverables changed to digital only, this has been possible to me. And that is absolutely vital for staying in touch with everything regarding Archicad. How on earth could I even discuss here on the forums if I didn't have acces to Archicad INT version too, test it, save things, study the vocabulary and maybe even do some work. There is no way I would or could go by with only FIN version of AC.


Yes, tried it, at least AC 21 INT started fine with a FIN dongle.

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Interesting. I tried to start a GER from my INT license on version 24. It doesn't work.

Maybe only some localisations are locked. It would be nice to know how these limits are set any why.

Archicad 4.55 - 25 | HP Z840 | 2× E5-2643 v4 | 64 GB RAM | Nvidia Quadro M5000 @ Windows 10 Pro x64


Ok, maybe if you had GER license, you could use INT version too. But not vice versa. And maybe the OP has another kind of license than I/we do. Maybe it is restricted to work with only localized AC. My best guess..

AC25, Rhino6/7+Grasshopper, TwinMotionMac Pro 6,1 E5-1650v2-3,5GHz/128GB/eGPU:6800XT/11.5.1 • HP Z440 E5-1650v3/256GB/RX6900XT/W10Pro


In case “an English version” and “tried to change my country to the UK” means that you downloaded an UKI or other non-INT version: you should be able to download the INT installer from [first the installer from the orange “Download the latest…” and then the update from the bottom] and to my knowledge so far INT will run on all licenses.

[Then you may additionally need other installs for localized versions you won't be able to run but as demo, but which you still need for their libraries.]

I've downloaded the file named "Archicad-25-INT-4013-1.0" so I'm pretty sure it's an INT version. On the other hand, on the link you've posted, I can get the UKI version only.


When I'm trying to get a trial/student English license I'm being logged out and I have to log in again. Afterwards, I'm being moved to my licenses and there's only a Polish one with no possibility to obtain an English license or change the preferred language. I've searched quite a lot and still, I have no idea what to do. As some other people stated above (btw thank you all for the reply!) there's no possibility to change the language and it's only based on the localization? That's so crazy and unpractical, I'm so suprisised 

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