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Changes in Floor Plan Display + Renovation Filter doesn't come through

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I just today encountered a problem that never happened to me before. Changes I make in Floor Plan Display and Renovation Filter (and possibly others, but these are the ones I've encountered so far) simply doesn't come through. For example, when I change the Floor Plan Display of a floor slab (Level 1) to "Home Story Only" and click OK, nothing changes. And when I go back to the floor slab settings, it seems that the change didn't come through at all since the FPD is back at "All stories". I've checked so I don't have duplicate objects etc, and the objects/layers that this affect are not locked. Does anyone know what might be the problem?

I'm using Archicad 19 on Mac.

Are the elements part of a hotlinked module? Or on a locked layer? Or are they locked?

Are you using teamwork and are they then reserved by you?
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

ArchiCAD 9-24 NED FULL
Windows 10 Pro
Adobe Design Premium CS5

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The answer is no to all these questions. It's not a teamwork file, they are drawn in the project (not linked) and neither the layers or objects are locked.

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