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How To Choose A Queen Platform Bed For The Bedroom

When choosing a platform bed for your bedroom, the first thing that will linger in your mind is comfort. The fun fact about choosing a platform bed, regardless of the size, is that you should consider a number of things, not just one.

In this article, we will look at how to choose a queen platform bed for your bedroom. This will mainly entail the factors that you should be extra keen about and how to check for some of these factors. It is necessary select the best platform bed if you want to avoid problems in the future.

Consider The Storage System

If your house is lately running out of storage space, you should consider getting one that has storage facilities. Extra storage facilities in the bed help you organize your bedroom better than someone who has placed items in the corner of the room.

You can get a platform bed with side drawers or one with a hydraulic system. A hydraulic system is much easier to operate as you can easily access the items under your bed by clicking a button. This is also a great way of exploiting the space that lies idle under every bed.

Consider The Overall Quality Of The Queen Platform Bed

confirm that the platform bed is crafted using the best and highly durable materials. You might feel tempted to purchase a bed that is the cheapest in the store, regardless of whether the materials are durable or not. Keep in mind that this will bounce back on you in the near future as you will have to buy another one if it gets damaged.

In most cases, the price goes hand in hand with the quality of a bed. Only on rare occasions will you find that queen platform beds that are of high quality. It is advised to take the expensive queen bed option in such a situation as we all know that cheap things never last.

Consider The Bed Design Style

Before choosing the queen size platform bed of your choice, make sure you understand the theme you want to have in your bedroom. This is because different design styles bring out different themes, and mixing themes will make the bed look out of place.

If your bedroom theme is traditional, choose a traditional bed or a mid-century bed, and if it is a modern theme, a contemporary bed will do. Beds are the main focal points in bedrooms as they are also the main piece of furniture in the room. Choosing the correct type of queen-size platform bed will help you get the look right. If need be, seek the assistance of a professional.

Measure The Size Of Your Bedroom

A queen-sized bed is a large bed; hence you need a lot of space in your room for everything to fit perfectly. Ensure you take measurements of your bedroom before purchasing any queen platform bed, lest you find that the bed cannot fit in the space.

If your main aim is to conserve space, then you should consider purchasing a smaller size. You can also buy a queen platform bed with a storage facility if you have minimum space but need more storage platforms. There is no better way of utilizing the space under a bed than using it to store items.

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Consider The Height Of The Bed

To most people, checking the height of a bed is considered an afterthought but should actually be the main focus. The height of a bed dictates how easily you can get on and out of bed. To check if the bed frame is of the right height, sit at the edge and place your feet on the ground. If your feet are left dangling in the air or are not completely flat to the ground, the bed height is too high.
Also, you should check your knees; if they form a right angle, the height is perfect. Choosing the correct height is important as it can also impact your physical health, especially for those with pre-existing knee conditions.

Consider Your Budget

It is evident that the higher the price of an item, the better its quality will be, and this theory is applicable when it comes to queen platform beds. Do not go overboard and buy a bed that will cause a strain on your financial status. If you cannot afford the platform bed at the moment, it is better to save the money and wait for it to get to the amount required.

It is better to stay without a bed than to buy one that is of poor quality. Poor quality products never last, and in this case, you should get a queen platform bed that is highly durable.

Consider The Mattress Size

If you had already bought a mattress or want to use your old mattress on the new platform bed, make sure it is a queen-sized mattress. Do not use a smaller or larger mattress as it will not bring you comfort, and neither will it bring out the aesthetic beauty of the bed
You can use any type of mattress with the queen platform bed as you are not required to purchase a box spring. The good thing about platform beds is that they use wooden slats as base support, and slats do not limit you to a specific type of mattress.


Choosing a queen size platform bed frame may seem like an easy task until you visit the stores and come across the many designs and styles available. It is essential to know what you are looking for in a bed, and hopefully, the article's points will help you make the right decision.

All in all, remember that quality is everything, and it should not be compromised no matter how cheap a bed is. Check if the bed you have chosen goes well with your budget, fits the mattress you have at home, is durable, fits the space and matches the décor in your room.

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Self-taught, bend it till it breaks.

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Given the E7240 is an ultrabook, it probably doesn't have a dedicated GPU...
AC22-23 AUS 7000
Self-taught, bend it till it breaks.

Win10 | E5620 x 2 | 24GB | K2200 RIP PSU
Win10 | R5 2600 | 16GB | GTX1660

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