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We used a newly candidate architect to take over an earlier autodesk autocad project as the Autocad architect was involved in other projects and could not help. It was only after the project was finished that we realized  that she completely redrew the plan in Archicad. To make things worse she did not even have a commercial version of the software - and we subsequently found out  it was a student version .I have found many architects who are able to import the dwg file version but are only willing to redraw the complete file ( so fat costed us $15000) from scratch as the import from dwg is not good enough.,

I have found a few Archicad architects who are willing to work on this project but they  require an earlier version of the file 21 - 22 or a PLA ( archive)  version to be able to open it on their systems or for me to pay for a complete redraw.  I was able to open up her ver 24 file on a trial version but  cannot save it to an earlier version of Archicad 22 or 21 . She is also not responding to requests to give me a pla or earlier  version of the file  as I believe her student version has expired.  How can I open up this educational version and save it as an earlier version or pla version so that architects with licensed versions can complete this project . Who at  Graphisoft can help to fix this problem to give me a earier version so that i can hire somebody who can open and work on the file ?



unfortunately once you have created it in a student version it can't be converted to a commercial version as far a I'm aware.

In the end what is your Objective?
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Barry Kelly

I believe you can keep working on the file with a commercial licence, but it will always save as an EDU file.

I have never tried to save an EDU file back to an older version.

If you can do this then from 24 you can ‘save as’ a 23 file, then open in 23 and ‘save as’ a 22 file, then 22 to 21.

But it will still remain as an EDU file even if that works.



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Eduardo Rolon

FWIW you can export DWGs from the EDU version if you are going to finish working the project in autocad. It is not the correct way and is against the EULA.

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