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Elevate 2 story building by 4.5 Feet due to new topo data


Suggestions?  I have 3 buildings on same building plan and site plan.  I need to raise the 2 story building 4.5 Feet due to new site Topo data.  It will be a split level relationship to other buildings on site.


I believe if I use a section of just that building and turn on all layers, I would be able to drag it into correct height position?  I have done this with individual items but not with a whole building at 95% complete.  It is small 3 unit per floor motel.  The problem is that a section will not control all items at each level.  Only the floor plan all layers will control most items.  Is there a way to elevate all floor plan items by 4' -6 "?


any comments or ideas?  Any success by others?l




You can use the heavy Marquee to select the building in plan, then view all of it in the 3D window. Then Select All and use the Elevate... command to raise it 4.5 feet.


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Gerry Leonor

on top of what David said earlier -- another way to do it is to Edit Storey Levels  (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

the only big disadvantage i see (for both methods) is that the unlinked 2D information (text, lines, fills, polylines etc) within elevations, sections & internal elevations will remain in place. only the linked ones (except maybe some labels that are linked to Railing Tool elements) will move up/down with the 3D elements (such as linked Labels). for the unlinked 2D stuff, you'll have to go through every one of these views & move these manually. can be abit tedious, but once you get a good flow going & with the help of Find & Select, you'll breeze through it.


the other way to do it is to actually move the reference point lower. i'm sure many people have done it here, but i haven't done it as much & it's not something in my immediate memory. there may still be some 2D stuff that will need some fixing, but they'll mostly be elevation level dimensions. you won't have to manually move up/down 2D items in every single elevation/marker view.

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