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Graphics Card benchmarks and compatibility USER results

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Like a LOT of the questions on this forum, I've struggled with my choice of graphics card and researched endlessly to no avail.
So, I'm proposing a user led and at the moment quite subjective but informative test.
I've downloaded the Archicad training series volume one file which has a large building with plenty of triangles. You can google it and:

I'd love it if everyone who reads this and has the time to download this same file, show all layers in 3D and give it a spin, then post their results.

My two results (work and home) to follow.

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So first results.

Firepro W5100 4gb memory:
Probably 3 frames per second - super slow and jerky, zooming up to the entrance with a palm tree to the left then trying to pan froze the screen for about 4 seconds.

Gigabyte R9 280x 3gb memory:
Not jerky but can notice individual frames, so probably about 15 frames per second. Close ups on the entrance are fluid with no jerkiness.

Can verify that the R9 280x oc is working fine with Archicad 18 and 19.

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I could not find 18 version, but I have found 19th. I didnt measure FPS, but it is very smooth and fast (all layers on)

(W8100 8GB)

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