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Graphisoft North America Price Increase for 2023


Just got a notice of a price increase for North America  subscriptions - However, will not affect SSA as of now. I am not a conspiracy nut but I find it very curious that many architect software companies are raising prices roughly the same and at the same time???


Windows 10 - Visual Studio 2019; ArchiCAD 26

Karl Ottenstein

I'm extremely confused by the email we got in North America along with the prices listed in the link contained in that email.   Rather than telling us what the SSA price for an existing license is changing to, and offering the current price vs that if paid in advance, the linked page shows what a subscription-only license will cost - if I understand their wording, that is.


The page gives subscription licensing in the US of the full version at 335/month ($4,020 for a year!!) - or $2,700 for a year if paid in full in advance.  Strangely, to me, the Solo version saves only $300/year - costing $2,400/year if paid in advance... and you have to wonder at so little savings, why bother?  Maybe they're trying to phase out Solo.


Here's the email that was sent to North American customers:


We’re reaching out to let you know that on April 1st, 2023 Graphisoft will be increasing the price of its products and services. The price of SSA/ Forward Membership will increase for all new and renewing contracts after May 1st, 2023.

Like all businesses, we have been affected by the current global economic situation and rising overall costs. We are committed to ensuring that our customers have access to the most up-to-date and reliable software and services. Graphisoft appreciates your loyal support and looks forward to continuing to serve you in the future. You have time to purchase additional products or services before the change comes in to effect.

See the subscription license pricing and contact your local Graphisoft representative for more information <link>. 


From all of us at Graphisoft – thank you for being a part of the Graphisoft community. 

The Graphisoft North America Team


Here's what the linked page shows - for USA (Canada shows CDN $).  Yet, there is nothing about SSA pricing for existing licenses...unless they are telling us that licenses are being converted to full subscription to get any future updates?


Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 2.53.47 PM.jpg


Is the implication that licenses will not be sold (perpetual license as we have always had) any longer, and that subscription is the only option in the future?  Too little information makes the email and linked page more confusing than informative.

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I wonder why Graphisoft will force a single practitioner to subscribe to "Full teamwork capabilities." 


Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-26 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11

It's interesting that those CDN $ prices do not reflect the current exchange rate of  CDN$ 1 = US$ 0.74.  Makes either Solo or Full licenses cheaper in Canada at the moment.

One of the forum moderators   •   AC 26 USA and earlier   •   macOS Ventura 13.2.1, iMac Pro 10-Core, Radeon Pro Vega 64

The price of Archicad Subscription in the US is now equal to your competitor Revit. Interesting times ahead!




Or get the full AEC suite for just a little bit more.



Nemetschek really needs to come up with a bundle price for all of their tools at a competitive price.


Nathan Hildebrandt
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If they came in at the same price in the U.S., most people would prefer using Revit, and that could cost the company a lot of money as well.

Martin Luther Jules
AC 10-26 (Full)
Asus | 64 GB RAM | Windows 11


Its not looking good. They really arent listening.


If they keep toying with this suscription idea, lets see what they do when thousands and thousands of users, many of whom are with Archicad only because they want to have a full license instead of suscription, leave for greener pastures.


Its not like their position, either in the global market share or current quality of the product relative to competitors, is that strong right now as to make this kind of bold (and stupid) move. 

But its their call and their business. If they want to burn it to the ground because of the shortsightedness of some shareholders, many of whom probably have never used the software, so be it. 

But many here have a business too. with all the pain in our hearts, we will be reviewing other options as of this moment in case they end up doing the unspeakable.

One point mentioned in the release was that the SSA/Forward subscription fee will also be increased after May 1st,2023.  Prices will remain firm until May 1st -- after that who knows. I am wondering if Graphisoft intends to phase out the SSA through future price increases?? I agree, that we need to know of their future plans in order to re-evaluate our options


Windows 10 - Visual Studio 2019; ArchiCAD 26

Im not against reasonable price increases (but not jumping in joy either). Its understandable up to a certain point of course, since the value with are getting with each release has diminished relative to the ammount paid. 

What´s not acceptable is if its a hidden ploy of any sort to transition us all to a suscription license... like they are already (aparently) doing with their stepsister company, Vectorworks.


Dont let us be fooled by them or anyone saying that a suscription model will make it easier for them to make more releases and create better content, because it will not: Captive income only creates laziness and contempt for the very paying customers that support you.

Aaron Bourgoin

It's 2023. you will own nothing and be happy.

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