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Inclined ground floor, big mess for all the other stories

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Hi everyone!
I am working on a huge project, with Archicad 16, that concerns a big part of the city of Athens (625m.*377m=235.626 sq.m). The actual landscape has many different inclinations (imagine a hill) both lenghtwise and widthwise.
The thing is that i have created, in some parts, underground spaces (undergound parking etc) with a flat base, separately from the ground floor and now i want to connect these two. I moved the underground stories in the right place via the 2d plans but i am really confused with the heights.
More specifically, some elements in 2d plans appear in all stories even though their heights and the selections of the view range are the correct ones. Moreover, i am having trouble in connecting the ground floor with the underground stories in the z axis.
Do you have any advice on how to deal with these problems?
Thanks in advance

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