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Library part was not converted properly- part not in model!

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I'm getting the "Library part was not converted properly" error when I open the 3D window, but the two objects that are causing the error (Flue.gsm and Tree-Oak.gsm) are not in my model.

This file was started in AC11 and brought in to AC17. Perhaps that is part of the problem, but why would I be getting these error messages for objects that are not even a part of the model?


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I had similar issues several generations ago. It turned out that the offending parts had dimensions of 0, so they didn't appear as objects in the model. I finally found them by selecting all the objects, and finding the stray hotspot without anything attached.

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Peter- that did it! One part was found this way, the other was actually called something else, but the Flue.gsm was part of it. I still don't quite understand, but I've found the offending parts and replaced them with ones that work.

Thank you!!!!!

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