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Love the iMac - want to improve my mouse in ArchiCAD ?

I recently moved to an Imac with my upgrade to ArchiCAD 12 ( Its great!) Whilst I am off and running and yes its marvelous to use ( and it does look good ) - I am keen to use a stylus/pen and tablet with a mouse. I would welcome user experiences with similar devices before purchasing? Have a Wacom Graphire CTE 430 (no mouse ) - from PC daze - and a Mac OSX driver is available - however I am looking to get a contemporary similar product. Any suggestions from other users please - would be helpful?
Jeff Robinson RAIA
ArchiCAD 6.5 - 15
Imac OSX V10.6.8
2.66GHz 4 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

I am a long time mouse-on-tablet user, with Wacom Intuos3 6x8 tablet.

The mouse has many functional buttons and is very light since it has no battery. I recommend this despite the cost, especially if you are planning stylus work.

You would not use a stylus for Archicad.

Even though the dream is of the sketchy fluidity, the truth of navigating is pedantic repetitive exactitude - achieved only through using a mouse. You'll have the tablet in any event so find out for yourself, but avoid the carpool tunnel and stick to the mouse for drafting.

Stick to the mouse and get a house.
Use a stylus and prepare to buy less.
[complete with a better rhyme and get a prize]
Dwight Atkinson

Rod Jurich
archidevo wrote:
/...... Any suggestions from other users please - would be helpful?
Jefferson, my first purchase was the Intuos 3, PTZ-631W, but have found the PTZ-630 much better
as it has a smaller footprint and still has controls at both sides of the tablet.
Also bought a WACOM mouse for GDL work but rarely use it when working in ArchiCAD, or any other application.
Check out BetterIT web site great delivery/price. Highly recommend the Intuos 3.
Rod Jurich
AC4.55 - AC14 INT (4204) |  | OBJECTiVE |

YOu think the bigger tablet will be better but your arm just gets tired.
Dwight Atkinson

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