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Mac OS X Mavericks

Tamas Eros
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Apple released Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) yesterday as a free upgrade. Please find our compatibility notes, upgrade checklist and other useful information in this ArchiCAD Wiki article:
Tamas Eros
Technical Support Engineer
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Following up from my last post: I downloaded the AC 17 installer on the newer (Mavericks) machine, and installed over the old installation (uninstaller wouldn't work). All running smooth now for a few days!

Unlike the OP in this thread: , I found the repair option worked just fine on the Mavericks iMac.
AC 21 (8002) & 22 USA
Mac OSX 10.14.5 on MacBook Pro 2.3GHz Intel i7, 16GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2GB VRAM, 500GB SSD


Not sure if you got this resolved but it was driving me a bit batty not being able to use 2 monitors in mavericks with AC17 (pallets jumping around when switching apps) and read the your thread - i just tired the 'none' on the dock application option:assign menu and lo and behold it seems to work with both spaces and AC without having to revert to the old ML desktop method - hope this works for you as well.
Karl wrote:
Ben wrote:
Karl wrote:

Finally found it... it is not possible to stretch apps between multiple monitors

Hi Karl

You can also do this app by app. Just right click on the running application and from 'Options' check 'Assign to all Desktops'. I guess this way you can have full screen on separate displays and still have your ArchiCAD palettes floating wherever you like. (I posted this on the original Mavericks thread)
Unfortunately, this doesn't work usefully (for me) either ... I may click the preference to go back to the Mountain Lion desktop methods...

With the 'Assign to all Desktops' - the application not only can use all monitors... but it is always visible, no matter what space you're in. I typically have three spaces in ML and earlier, which Mail/Safari in one, ArchiCAD in another, Quickbooks and other stuff in the third. With 'all desktops', if I switch to a different space, ArchiCAD is always there on top... have to then swith to the desired application.

Thanks for pointing this option out... I'm sure it'll be useful for something. 😉
Stefan Hampden
CAST architecture - Seattle architect

OK, Mavericks has been out for awhile and has had multiple dot upgrades. I am thinking of finally moving to Apple's latest and greatest (?) OS. How is the water these days?

AC 19 6006 & AC 20
Mac OS 10.11.5
15" Retina MacBook Pro 2.6
27" iMac Retina 5K

Eduardo Rolon
Same as with 10.9.0 everything working ok except OS X Mail which is still wonky.
eduardo rolón AIA NCARB
Another of the forum moderators.
Macbook Pro M1 Max 64GB ram
OS X 10.XX latest
AC25 US/INT -> AC08
Puerto Rico, BVI, Miami

Vectorworks 2023


OSX10.9.2 is fine on my machines, I'm not having any issues with Mail.

David Maudlin / Architect

Digital Architecture

AC26 USA • iMac 27" 4.0GHz Quad-core i7 | 24 gb ram • MacBook Pro 2.8GHz | 16 gb ram • OSX10.15.7

Karl Ottenstein
Ignacio wrote:
I am trying to open an old AC 10 project in AC10 (MBP Mid 2009, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeFoce 9400M 256 MB) and AC is crashing when starting up.

Anybody succeeded opening AC10?
Thanks to the eagle-eyed Rod Jurich for noticing that Graphisoft posted a revised AC 10 'file converter' edition here:

which now runs under Mavericks / OS 10.9. I don't recall ever seeing an announcement of this - so sharing here on ac-talk in several threads.

Works perfectly so far. Note that there are two downloads - depending on if your ground floor is number story 0 or 1. The version for 'story 1' includes the USA library. The only thing I noticed missing was the Help files (the help PDF's are there). If you have an old 10 installation, just copy the Help folder from there into this new one.
One of the forum moderators   •   AC 26 USA and earlier   •   macOS 12.6.1, iMac Pro 10-Core, Radeon Pro Vega 64

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