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Macbook Pro 2.33, ArchiCAD 9, latest updates, wibu key

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Hi Everyone,

I installed the latest updates on my Macbook Pro the other day and now the Wibu key is not being recognized by ArchiCAD printers and that are still seen but the key does not even show in the System Prefs. Searched the forums and only found Windows related info.

Thank you

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Hi everyone,

Is there anyone using a Macbook Pro (2,2) 2.33 that is having issues with their WIBU key not being found by AC after installing the latest security updates? I am using ArchiCAD 9(2219) with OS X.4.10 & QT 7.2.0. I just received my replacement key and it is not found by AC either at least this one is seen in the System Profiler. I have had nothing but problems with the Mac on numerous computers beginning with a G4 10.3.9, two MBP's 1,1 and this MBP 2,2. ArchiCAD was the only program that worked properly until now.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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I've never had any problems with mine, so this is just a shot in the dark, but you can download your wibu drivers here:

or try calling your reseller, they should be able to solve the problem for you as well.

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Hi Scott,

Thank you. Sorry for the late reply as I am not always connected.

I had tried everything (almost) including re-installing AC to no avail. Finally had to scrap all WIBU drivers and start from scratch and it finally worked.


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