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Lee Proscia

Is there a way to toggle between single click mirror and the 2 click mirror command? For some reason, when I try to mirror and option in plan or 3D, I am asked to pick the first point but when I do that it mirrors on the single click? 


Any help would be appreciated. 




Mahmoud Qenawi

I see mirror action can’t be done without 2 clicks to determine the axe of mirror, how mirror can be done with 1 click?

With one click (in general), how would Archicad know the axis for the mirroring?


You can have one-click mirroring for windows/doors in a wall...because the mirroring axis must be perpendicular to the wall, so one click is all that is needed.


It would be a reasonable wish (maybe one exists?) for the magic wand to work when the mirror axis points are requested.  Then, space-bar-click (magic wand) on any existing edge could provide the mirror axis.  I thought this used to be possible, but maybe only in my dreams. 😂

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I agree with you Karl if we have already a mirror axis like a wall or line we can use it to mirror any element or object but maybe by hovering over that wall till Mercedes cursor appears then click rather than by magic wand, only a wish but what about the question @Lee Proscia @is asking? Are you asking about mirroring a door?


@Lee Proscia In 2D land / plan view, Archicad allows the creation of an axis anywhere on the XY plane. In Section/Elevation, the consequences of a non-vertical axis would create 3D conditions that most elements apart from Morph cannot handle, so the resolution is a single point is sufficient to establish a Z-axis mirror line.

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Is your mouse old? I've had double click issues with a worn out mouse when I used to use one.

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