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Missing Fonts and Vista

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Have just tried using Vista Home Premium (Service Pack 1) with AC10 and noticed that my MrHand does not show up on the screen and shows up bracketed in the dialogue box. However, when I select a text box to activate it, it shows up correctly. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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The title says missing fonts.
Yet it is the "hand" you mention. ??
I had trouble in 10 and 11 with the "hand" freezing for a short bit,
if I had too many views open, look under: Menu>windows and shut down
view(s) your not using. That helped me.
12, so far does not seem to have that issue on my machine.
And others will want to know your "profile" to help figure things

Karl Ottenstein
Hi David!

I had a problem with MrHand when I moved from PC to Mac. Unlike you, I saw little boxes where each character belonged.

I had an old version of the font and ended up buying/downloading a current version and all was well. But, not without a little more work. I ended up with a [MrHand] in brackets and a MrHand not-in-brackets, and had to select every text block and switch from the bad to the good. Apparently the old version was some kind of symbol font and the new version was encoded as a text font.

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