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Mouse use vs. Tablet

I have for the first time encountered the problems of using a mouse to draw with. I am considering buying a tablet - which uses a stylus pen. I want to know if anyone else has used a tablet before to draw on ArchiCad with. I am afraid of not being able to get a tablet that is compatible with the program. If anyone has ever used one - let me know how it works out and which would be the best one out in the market.

Thank you all.
Pitouflette (fighting against carpal tunnel)
Life = Design + Happiness

I am a long time Wacom tablet user. a small one: 6x9 or so.

I use an accessory Wacom mouse on the tablet to work in Archicad and most other programs. It has no battery and is very lightweight. I use the stylus as an airbrush in art programs.

You will be frustrated trying to use a stylus on a tablet because there is no rest for your wrist, you must be absolutely accurate all the time - a mouse is forgiving because it is so stable. You can leave it behind while you keyboard with both hands. The stylus must be re-established whenever you pause. This slows work progress.

As for the "carpool tunnel" issue, variety is the key: elevating the tablet to different heights is the trick. The front edge of the tablet provides arm support - I work 14 hours a day with this arrangement and have no physical problems. I have the speed on the mouse very high, so mere finger twitches can accelerate it across the display - the control software is very good.

So: tablet, YES, Stylus: NO.
Dwight Atkinson

Which type of tablet do you use - Intuos or Bamboo?

Also, what type of things have you found convenient about the tablet - in terms of keys or tools relating to the ArchiCad program?

As for the arm - I am treating it at this time with acupunture and herbs (for better circulation).
Life = Design + Happiness

I prefer the Intuos because it is made from plastic.

I admire the use of alternative materials like Bamboo. Once, in West Virginia on a humid evening sitting on a porch in my bib coveralls after eating a mess o' catfish and listening to the hound bay at a distant banjo player while the cicadas sang, I whittled a tablet from a slab of hickory, but while it looked pretty much like a tablet, it did not work.

The key to making the mouse and tablet work is adjusting the scale, speed and acceleration of the mouse to suit you. Hint: smaller tablet, faster acceleration.

Wacom Mouse has many buttons.
Dwight Atkinson

Matthew Lohden
I had an attack of forearm pain a few years back and a brief switch (about a week as I recall) to a Wacom tablet and some liberal applications of Olbas oil fixed me up just fine. No problems since.

The tablet was a bit tricky to use as a complete mouse substitute and I would occasionally grab the mouse now and then. Since I do all my freehand work the old fashioned way, I stopped using the tablet once the pain went away.
Matthew Lohden
Consultant, SF CA

MacPro 8core 32GB Radeon 5870
OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion, XP32, Win 7x64

Miguel Krippahl had a topic on this:
Kliment Ivanov
AC /since 4.55/; AutoCAD; Max; SketchUp; VRay; ArtL; Photoshop; Illustrator; InDesign; CorelDraw
Win 7 Ultimate 64

Hi all,

has been a few years since these posts were written.
I'm also in the same situation as many of you have been and my wrist is screaming for help.
Looks like that Wacom has a solution for AC users. Would anyone be able to share any experience and, most importantly, recommend a Wacom system (tablet, stylus, etc.) available now?
Claudio D'Avanzo / Architect
AC9-24 • Windows 10 • MacOS Mojave 10.14

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