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Need help in a hurry!!

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Has anyone encounter a crash file while in teamwork, for some reason I can not seemed to sign in. I believe I signed out... a dialog box pops up and says;

Sign out processed by (david)
started at" 6/24/2006 5:11:57 pm
(trying to access project until you press cancel)

is this a file that has been corrupted? How do I retain access.

I have a key and another person who is on my team took their key along on vacation we share this a teamwork pln file. (could this be why I can not sign in SOS.

Whenever you sign in or out or send/receive changes to a teamwork project, ArchiCAD makes a lock file called something like <teamworkprojectname>.LCK. This file will be in the same folder as your plp and it appears only temporarily to prevent multiple team members sending information to the plp at the same time.

ArchiCAD thinks that David is still trying to sign out, so maybe his computer crashed as he was signing out, or he turned off/hibernated his computer before it was finished? Either way if you like you can simply delete the .LCK file.

Only do this in emergencies though as it's obviously not a good practice. Chances are he may not be able to send his latest changes to the model or sign out now. Oh and tell David he needs to be sure the sign out is complete before he turns off his computer!


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