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Nothing showing at 3D wiew after using Roof Wizard

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Hi! I need urgent help with using Roof Wizard.

Nothing is showing at 3D view after creating roof structures with roof wizard. All the elements and objects including the roof structures can still be selected only by ''select all'' and I can see the selected number of elements but only one gripping point which can't be gripped tho... Everything can also be seen in 2D (floorplans, sections and facades). Even the roof structures can be seen in facades if needed.

When the exact layer for roof structures is closed I can find my 3D view through created 3D scenes but when layer is activated it all disappears again. I also tried this with completely new project and only with created roof, and it is the same problem.

Thanks for helping me out to work this out!

Barry Kelly
Try placing a marquee around just a small portion of you model in plan and then view that in 3D.
If that works try different areas with the marquee.

I am wondering if the roof maker has created a very long element.
I am sure I have seen a post here (somewhere) about an extremely long element (due to tapering or trimming) causing a problem in 3D.


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Thank you for your quick answer.

Seems that this helped and I now know how to continue with this problem.
Thank you!


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