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PC requirements


I amo not sure if this is the right place to post this question but we are doing a big project with 700 units and we see the computer struggling and we want to upgrade.

Following system requiremnts i should get a 6+gb video graphic card. The video card is being used for what exactly ? To visualize the 3d model or also to produce the elevations ?

Do you guys think it will be a big difference between a 5gb to a 6gb graphic card?

the 5gb is 500 euros while the 6gb is 1500euros.

Thanks in advance.
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Karl Ottenstein
I've moved this to the Hardware forum. For readers wondering where lmcardoso got the 6+ GB recommendation for the graphics card, it is from the "High-end" recommendations here:

The 1500 euro seems high. I know you want a PC and not a Mac... but have to wonder if a pre-configured PC would give you some cost savings overall? For example, last year's 27" iMac with 3.8GHz 8 core 10th generation i7 with turbo boost to 5GHz with an 8 GB AMD Radeon Pro 5500 XT is USD $2299 retail - although with minimal memory (8 GB) and SSD (512 GB), but with a beautiful 27" monitor.
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
Graphics card prices are crazy high these days. Following the pandemic, a global chip shortage came about, plus graphics cards are used a lot for "mining" cryptocurrencies, so these times are not the best to get a GPU in an economical way. From various sources it seems that prices will stay elevated for some time to come, we will see.
If I had to buy a graphics card nowadays, I would not buy the latest generation, which for Nvidia is the 3000-series, for AMD is the 6000-series. I would have to pay 1500-2000-3000 euros for a GPU.
Right now I would probably buy an Nvidia 1660 Super 6 GB. It has 6 GB of RAM, it has a good price for good performance. However, it has no real-time ray tracing, something 2000- and 3000-series Nvidia cards do have.
There is a 1660 TI, which also has 6 GB of RAM and slightly better performance, but it is more expensive. The 1660 Super is a better value for your money.
(If you are using Twinmotion, the lack of real-time ray tracing will not make a difference because Twinmotion still does not have real-time ray tracing although Epic Games promised it 2 years ago. I don't know if there ever will be, or Epic just wants to move everyone to use the Unreal Engine instead of Twinmotion. Of course, that is just a personal thought of mine.)

The 1660 Super will serve you well for at least 2 years.
Then, in 1-2 years, when GPU prices are not so crazy anymore, I would look again at which GPU is the best deal.
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Barry Kelly
If you are going to the trouble of getting a great video card, you may as well make sure you have plenty of general RAM in the machine too (32 or 64GB if that is affordable).
A fast SSD hard drive is nice but not essential (in my opinion) - but you do want to make sure there is plenty of free space on it for memory swap files (especially if you do not have a lot of RAM).


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thanks guys for all the answers.

I have already 32gb in ram but the pc struggles when it comes to updating hotlinks, generating facades and 3D so i am guessing the upgrade in the processor would be where i will feel the biggest difference.


dont know how i missed the hardware forum. thanks. yeah indeed we are going for PC's


Cool. didint know the graphic board was used to mine cryptocurrencies. that explains a lot. the 1660 super seems like a good deal for money. thanks for the advice.


Yeah the computer we are aiming for follows all the requirements for high end projects, so ssd hard drive, 32gb ram etc.
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