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Problem exporting 3ds / fbx to 3ds Max

I am currently trying to export a model from ArchiCAD, using the .3ds and .fbx formats.

Usually I use .3ds, because it works well using the correct settings. (1000mm, split by surfaces)

In the past, I have been experiencing geometry problems if the model is situated far from the project origin - I could fix this in 3ds max by grouping the whole model and sending it to zero point. I think this is because Max can't properly calculate vertex positions in relation to each other if they are too far from the zero point.

This time, using the .3ds format, the model comes into 3Ds Max right next to the zero point and is the correct size, but I am still getting extreme geometry problems. It looks like this, similar to flickering when two surfaces are on top of each other, only going through the whole model;

This isn't just a display problem either; using viewport clipping in 3ds max solves the flickering, but reveals that the geometry itself is almost completely destroyed;

The .fbx format won't export from ArchiCAD at all unless I only export part of the model - when it does work, it produces a similar problem as .3ds.

Any idea what could be the issue here?

Eduardo Rolon
Also you can try doing an export by phases instead of each to one main Max or SU file.

The trick will be having an object that will let you verify that each export comes in at the same coordinates. Usually Max will import maintaining the same 0,0,0 coordinates but recent SU versions do not.
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Erwin - I thought that was the issue at first, we have since moved it to the project origin - same problem.

mbl, ejrolon - Yes, the model is very complex and takes a long time to export. I tried exporting just parts of the model just to check, and every time I get the same issue.

It's worth mentioning that I have successfully exported the same project earlier, which wasn't very different. I think the only difference is some objects / furniture have been imported, so the problem might lie there - although simply hiding all furniture and exporting is not helping.

Thanks for all the suggestions

Erwin Edel
AndreasB wrote:
Erwin - I thought that was the issue at first, we have since moved it to the project origin - same problem.
Did you also put the custom user origin back to the project origin?

Just throwing ideas out there.

I'd say Sketchup is woefully under equipped to handle a complex ArchiCAD model. AFAIK it doesn't 'do' solids, so you'll have even more surfaces to deal with than in ArchiCAD.
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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Thanks, any input is appreciated!

--- We've narrowed the problem down, it seems this error is only occurring after updating the model with certain objects - so we're now trying to add them one by one, until we find what's causing the problem.

So I guess that sort of solves it.

Not applicable
you could give a try with this tool:

I would recommend creating one link for the building and one for the furnitures, by exporting as .obj from the 3d view in achicad with only those objects visibles.

Good luck

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