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Property Labels suddenly won't place!

I was chugging along all day working toward a pricing set when suddenly the label tool stopped placing property labels on any of my views. I tried a few other files on my firm's server and to no avail, the label tool is not working and I have a set that needs to be delivered tonight! Any help would be incredible useful. I can copy in dumby labels an fill in the values myself, but that feels to be the antithesis of BIM modeling software. If this doesn't update soon I may have to do that, but that's going to add hours to my workload tonight and I'm really not looking forward to that.

I'm not sure what the cause is as I've never encountered it, however this may be a worthwhile temporary work-around.

Try selecting the objects and then use the LABEL SELECTED ELEMENTS command.
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Barry Kelly
Check the geometry settings of the label.
Is it set to be 'Associated' and is it set to 'detailed' rather than 'simple' so you can control the pointer position (assuming you have the pointer turned on).

Otherwise can you explain what is not placing properly?
What is happening?

Do you have an existing label that has already been placed?
If so, ALT-click it to get its settings (pick up parameters - pipette).
Then try placing an new one.
That way you know you are working with label settings that did work.


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