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Reducing Nodes when using magic wand for contours from surveyor's DWG

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Hi all, does anyone know how to reduce the number of nodes when using magic wand to trace the polylines of a surveyor's DWG? The number of nodes has driven me crazy and the contour ended up crashing my computer several times. Do I need to change something in the magic wand settings? I've tried fiddling around with it but nothing seems to change the outcome. Does it require an external add-on or scripting?

I could just trace over the contour lines with poly or spline to dramatically reduce the number of nodes, but I want to be '100%' accurate, identical to that of the information provided by the land surveyor.

If anyone had the same problem and knows how to solve it, please share your knowledge!

Barry Kelly
Unfortunately the magic wand can not reduce the number of nodes in your surveyor's polyline.
It uses those nodes in the polyline as points in the new magic wanded line, and can only add extra nodes (or not) between those points - depending on the magic wand settings.
But the original nodes will be in the new magic wanded line no matter what settings you have.

The only way to reduce them is for you to manually place a new polyline or spline by picking as many of the surveyors nodes as you need for the new line.


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Erwin Edel
Instead of lines, you could overlay a grid of points and elevate these as needed, making the grind denser where you want more detail.
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Brad Elliott
See this previous discussion for more information about using the magic wand.
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