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!Restored: Language problem Italian i need English

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I bought ArchiCad 9 in Italian language becouse in Italy the software was cheaper,but i need this program in ENGLIS language,so can i do something about that?Is there any language update packake or can i solve this problem in program/properties?

To Mr Bargain Hunter with Regrets:

Was Italy the cheapest in the whole world? Really? Wow!
Thanks for supporting the efforts of a small company like Cigraph in their localization efforts instead of paying more for what you really needed.

You probably don't know that the Italian version comes with special objects: tiny expresso cups and pasta objects.You would especially like the rotini because of its GDL screw-around effect. Sort of like buying a software bargain in the wrong language and looking for help from others: Rotini!

Do you have a conventional hardware key? I think it would work with any version of ArchiCAD..... don't know for sure.

If you have a scummy friend with an English language version, I'm sure that he, being scum, would lend it to you to copy.

That should work.

Nobody here, I am almost certain, is your friend, since we believe in supporting our local resellers. Don't we?
Dwight Atkinson

Dwight wrote:
Nobody here, I am almost certain, is your friend, since we believe in supporting our local resellers. Don't we?
Maybe you should ask Pilon, the Slovenian distributor? I am sure they will be more than happy to help ...

ArchiCAD since 4.55 ... 1995
HP Omen

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thx i solve the pronlem

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Maybe this is for wish list, just am not sure that many users need this.
So, why not to have multilingual interface. I agree that local versions of CAD programms are very necessary and I'm not saying to replace they with international version with multilingual support, because of different libraries, etc. I think it's possible just to program multilingual interface for all versions (like CorelDraw 12, that runs by me on German and English. On StartUp I just choose necessary language).
Why it's needed?
It's advisable when we work on international projects or just have foreign clients.

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