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Russian symbols !?

Hello all,

I know this problem was mentioned couple of times but I can not find any solution still (maybe someone could post a link to it?).

The problem is that if I open a project that has russian symbols in layer names, section names, zone names etc., I get a bunch of crappy symbols.

*There is a solution to change my mac's locale and language settings to russian, but then I get all other programs, menus and everything else in russian as well (I DON'T SPEAK THE LANGUAGE for crying out loud...). I am not russian, I don't speak russian and I don't use russian in other software - but now all my programs and menus must be in some language I don't fully understand in order I could get a zone schedule in AC? I have to learn Photoshop in russian as well? Is this some joke?

Is this the Graphisoft's way of work? All I have to do is open and make changes to a project that was made in russian. This is so frustrating...

Is there some REAL solution for this? Or do I have to change system settings, change 'XReadCfg.txt' file and reboot my mac everytime I want to open a project that was made in other language (russian / lithuanian / chinese / etc)?

Please please someone tell me there is a working solution for this, because it is 100% easier to learn Revit (or any other package) than learning every f... language


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