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SSD drives

I understand the performance of these drives is outstanding as is also their price.

I recall someone in this Forum use a lap top with a small SSD and a much larger regular Hard Drive. How are these drives used, the SSd for the program and the other for data storage?
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Gerald Hoffman
Yes, you would install the operating system and programs on the SSD and all data on the hard drive.

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Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
Depends how you work - All the data i access is stored on a server and/or Dropbox, so I don't need to keep much on my computer.
The 256Gb SSD I have is plenty of room for Windows + all my applications and any data that I want to have locally.
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
I have a 60 GB SSD system drive and a 750 GB HDD in my laptop.
I bought the SSD about 1.5 years ago. I did not want to spend more on it, it was still pricey.
But today I would probably buy at least a 160 GB one or bigger if I can afford it.
I am not saying that the 60 GB is full but I have to watch what I install and where.
With a 160 GB or even larger SSD system drive this would not be an issue.
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SSD's are great. The best ones are intel as they have best reliability scores I think. For my main system I have a 120gb SSD which has all my software and OS on it. There is enough room for all my programs even Adobe creative suites and 3 different versions of AC etc with 20gb left. I do not keep any data on this drive at all.

My second drive is a 600gb SSD which is where I keep all my archicad files and any current or important files or large files like video files. I have another regular HDD for less important and more archival information.

You can manage all this data by including files from the secondary drives in your windows libraries.

Start up times are much better. AC load times are quicker and file handling better. No defraging is required.

Just a better option for performance systems all round.
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