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Saving issues & odd file extension

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I am using v18 in a MAC environment w/ Mac Mini server and I am having issues saving to the network. I get a "Cannot save Plan File" error. I can save as to my desktop and copy the file through finder back to the network. Any ideas? I can also open the file from the network. I just checked the network location again and I see the file in question still has a .lck file indicting the file is open. But technically its not. I just deleted that file, copied the file form my desktop over the network file, opened it, tried to save, and received the same message.

Our network administrator has looked at permissions, etc, and cannot file any permission or login errors.

After I tried to save the pln, a new file showed up in the folder with an extension I have never seen before. The extension looks like this: BlahBlah.pln.t.c
I've Googled it, but cannot find any information on it.

Katalin Borszeki
Hi Wedway, are you by any chance on Yosemite? Do you have the latest ARCHICAD update installed? Are you connecting to an SMB mounted server? We had similar problems on Yosemite that were fixed in the last update.
Katalin Borszeki
Implementation Specialist
GRAPHISOFT - the ArchiCAD knowledge base

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I am Mountain Lion. It appears that I was not on the latest build, so I am updating now and we'll see what happens.


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