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I haven't been able to get any answers to my slow navigation times except that maybe it is the equipment. Currently we have a 400mhz G4 for our server, and it is not running server software it is maxed out on ram and it only has a 20 gig hd. So I was wondering what people would recommend. A G5 running server software 1.6 processor with 1 gig of ram cost about $2600 a G4 with the same specs except for a 1.25 proc is $2300. Or there is the route of buying a processor upgrade and purchasing OS 10.3 Server software. cost about $1000. Our workstations are pretty old too, the range from a G4 733 to a G3 with upgrade card to a 900mhz. It would be nice to take out the oldest machine and replace with a new G5 workstation. We do not have alot of money to throw at this, so i was wondering what everyone thought would be the best and most cost effective way to go. This damn navigation slow down is causing so many problems for us, it is making teamwork useless, and we are losing money because of it.

Miquel Garcia
mikeadams wrote:
I haven't been able to get any answers to my slow navigation times except that maybe it is the equipment.
Which ArchiCAD version are you using? I have experienced slow navigation times with ArchiCAD 8 and PlotMaker 3 but not with ArchiCAD 7 and PlotMaker 2.3.

What OS are you running and with which protocol (AppleTalk, TCP-IP)?

Another issue is the speed of the network: your computer has a 10/100Base-T port that allows you up to 100Mbs, but perhaps your hub and your others computers only allows 10.

Check these specifications before assign all the blame to your server (althought is not really the speedest server on the world )
Capella & Garcia Arquitectura
AC18 - AC21, iMac 27" 3.1 Ghz Intel Core i7, 16GB Ram, OSX 10.13.1

Install System 10.3 and use AC 8.1. We had similar problems and that solved them (in particular, the system upgrade.) And we're still able to use the older machines.
James C Lewis
AC 24 (Full)
Mac Pro (Late 2013) OS 10.13.5

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