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Square Bay Window 20

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I'm using a trial of ArchiCAD 20 and complete newbie. I can't seem to find any info on using the square bay window 20 or how best to plan bay window areas.

I suppose I'm expecting it to cut the hole but also build the wall up to the base of the window.

Do you have to manually build the wall bay for the window to sit in or is there an option to 'build bay wall'?

I've manually build the bay and resize the walls height to sit under the bay but how do I slice and remove the wall that then opens up the bay?

Or, is it better to use seperate windows to cut into the bay walls?

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If I were doing it, I would use walls with separate windows to make the bay. Much simpler.

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Thanks I shall give that a go.

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You can model the main end wall as continuous, and use an empty opening to form the hole for the bay window. This way you still get wall above and below the opening. Empty opening allows you to turn on contours to inside or outside wall line so you can get your 2D display as you want it.

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@s2art, so I've modelled the main end wall as continuous, and used an empty opening to form the hole for the bay window. I've then used Bow Window 20 (same problem different window type) and dropped that into the empty hole.

This is where I'm getting stuck. I'm expecting there to be an option to rebuild lower wall section to follow the bay windows contour.

I get you can hide lines for the 2D view but when you jump to 3D it's not so good. The wall which is not very deep needs to be modelled to follow the bay.

So I've tried to model the bay wall using a center reference line, following the bay window then resized the wall to sit under the bay window. But resizing the continous wall to snap to the bay walls

Also tried splitting either side of bay window wall but I can't seem split the top and bottom. I split the side in the 2D view so is it possible to split in the 3D view?

I found I could grab the bay window wall and curve the edge, which looks good. But becuase I can't seem to split the top wall section it also curves with the bottom section.

I feel like I'm overcomplicating a simple thing!

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So I've had yet another go, this time I modelled in the bottom, resized it to under the bay sil. Drop in the Bow Window 20 to sit on top of the wall. In the 2D view I curved the edge to snap to the window. In the 3D view I modelled in the top wall section, resized it and manually moved it to position. Lastly I changed the windows Floorplan Display to projected for the 2D view.

Still new to this application so not sure if this correct! or doing what I've done how you change the top/bottom wall to show grey like the other walls.

I've tried to 'intersec' and Edit > Reshape > Merge Walls (greyed out) the top/bottom wall but to no success.

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