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Switching between licensed and educational versions


It is most certainly possible!

What you will have to do is to first install ARCHICAD with the student license, and then start ARCHICAD at least once to activate the license. After that duplicate the shortcut on your desktop, and give it a name you will recognize (like "ARCHICAD 22 WORK" or something like that), and enter /NOEDU into the shortcut's Target Field (after the path).

This way, if you use the regular shortcut, it should start up with your educational license, and if you use the new shortcut, it will startup ignoring your student license.

I hope this will work!

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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Dear Dani,

Could you please explain this solution on macOS based systems?

Thank you!

Eduardo Rolon
Banning the user that asked the question because of linked spam but since the question already have answers here is the copy
I'm currently doing an internship at an office which provided me with a CodeMeter key for the full licensed version of Archicad, but I cannot take it home. I'm still a student and have an educational license as well.

I installed Archicad last week and worked with it in the office for a few days. Over the weekend I wanted to do some school stuff at home using my educational license, but now I cannot switch back to the full license.

Is there a way to switch between licenses? Do I have to install two copies of Archicad (is that even possible)? Thanks
eduardo rolón AIA NCARB
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I found the solution I think. On macOS there is a terminal command for that:
"open -na "ARCHICAD" --args -noedu"
(It works with "-a" but if you want to open 2 or more Archicad at the same time you need the "-n" parameter which opens a new instance even if one is already running)
(so with 2 or more Archicad the usual "File - Open - start new Archicad" won't work because it will start the original .app which is EDU)

And you can make an automator application from this:
"Automator - new application - shell script - save as .app"

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