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System build Archicad / Autocad

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Hello people,

Sorry for posting this here i didn know where else to post it.

So i am making a new build for a colleague at the office for Autocad/ Archicad.

He is using a Imac 27" right now but it gets very hot when rendering a drawing and it takes like a hour, hour and fifteen minutes to complete one of four steps in the rendering.

The imac has a i7 12 gb of ram.

I was considering this build to replace the imac:

i7 3770k ( for possible Ocing)
Sabertooth z77 /P8Z77-v Pro
Corsair vengeance Cmz16gx3m2a1866c9 memory
Powersupply cx 600
Monitor U2713HM
SSD M4 128 as primary
WD black 1tb for secondary
Corsair iH80 water cooling

so this is where i get stuck a little with the gpu i was thinking about a quadro (fx) 2000 or will a gtx 670/680 for example be good for it aswell?

So basically will this setup increase the speed of the renderings over the Imac?

Or will the time for rendering be the same as the Imac?

Hopefully you have some advice for me on this.

Best regards Pepey

Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
How urgent is it?

With Haswell just around the corner, going for an Ivy bridge now doesn't seem like a good move.

If you can't wait though, then that looks good, although i'd want to be very sure that the cooling was up to the task before OC'ing a render box

for the SSD, the Samsung 840 Pro's are outperforming the m4s now, so i'd go with one of those.
Josh Osborne - Central Innovation

HP Zbook Studio G4 - Windows 10 Pro, Intel i7 7820HQ, 32Gb RAM, Quadro M1200

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iMac's appear to be hot to touch when being used heavily but this does not affect the performance as generally they do not get hot enough to cause the processors to throttle down, unless there is a hardware problem.

Very hard to tell if any significant performance gain without knowing which 27 in iMac your colleague is using.

Rendering is highly processor intensive and is not dependent on the graphics card (unless using Octane plugin), to get better rendering performance require more cores so would be much better with a dual processor machine with at least 2Gb of RAM per core (including hyper-threaded cores).

Which rendering program is your colleague using, if using ArchiCAD for rendering I would highly recommend purchasing Artlantis or the Octane Render plugin. Rendering within ArchiCAD is slow and the quality is very ordinary, renders that take hours in ArchiCAD take much less time in Artlantis and can be of a much higher quality.


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