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Uninstall patch in Archicad

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Hi! Some of my college install in some workstation patch # 6021 in archicad 22 in an others workstation there is a different patch 7000. How I can disinstal patch #7000 and install patch # 6021? Notice that the bim server has patch #6021.
Thank you

Barry Kelly
Basically you can't un-install an Archicad update.
You have to un-install the entire program and then re-install up the the update you want.

However you are better to upgrade to the latest update rather than go backwards.
Does BIMServer 6021 not work with Archicad 22 - 7000?
If not won't there be a BIMServer update as well?

Sorry I don't use BIMServer, but I doubt Graphisoft would release an Archicad update that doesn't work with it.


Tip for future reference.
It is possible to copy the program folder for Archicad (and rename it) before you apply any updates.
That way you can simply re-name that folder back to original to go back to older updates - or just rune the executable file in that re-named folder.
Otherwise you have to re-install from scratch.

It basically is the same as having version 22, 23 & 24 on you machine at the same time.
Except you have multiple builds of each version as well.

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Thanks. I appreciate your help

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