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Upgrade SSA for AC16 to AC17

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Hi All,
Is AC17 still fully supports the use WIBU key?
I have a WIBU key and the key to Codemeter replacement plan, But Key Codemeter I have not received due to waiting on my Distributor.
I try to check out the upgrades available but display a menu like this
I put off doing something until the next few days I can call my distributor for the next 2 days off.
Anyone know if the result of my actions before I received Codemeter keys in hand?
It seems like the action Activate Key button will empty my WIBU.
Thank you to be able to give advice

Barry Kelly
If you are waiting for a replacement Codemeter key then you will find it will arrive with no license on it.
You will need to de-activate your WIBU key before you can activate the Codemeter key.
This ensures that you only have the one Archicad license active.
So don't do anything until you have the Codemeter key in your hand.

One of the forum moderators.
Versions 6.5 to 25
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Thank you Barry,
I did not dare to undertake any action because this seems to be the key to vacate License Wibu me.
Because of that I still have to wait until I've actually received Codemeter key instead.
Thank you for giving confidence to not do the wrong thing.

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