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Using hotlinks and updating incredibly slow

Hello, I'm doing a project with modules of simple apartments, hotlinked into another file where they are stacked on each other forming a building, all in all maybe 40 modules in this file. This second file is then hotlinked into another file with a ground mesh and surrounding buildings etc. However all of these files move extreeeemely sluggish. Even just selecting a wall or a hotlink takes up to a minute before the command is done. I tried to move the big building a few meters and it took up to ten minutes to finish. Updating a hotlink through the hotlink manager takes around 10 minutes also, seemingly getting stuck on going through the library loading all the parts.

I only have one or two objects in the files embedded libraries, and the first files with the individual apartment units are mod-files so no library at all there. In the other files I am using the Archicad 21 Library.

Is this expected behavior? Is hotlinks pulling down the performance this much, or are there some other causes? What part of a hardware upgrade might work towards solving this? Or should I rethink the way I model, or look for some overly complex objects causing all the pain? I'm at a loss to where to begin to analyse the cause and looking for a solution.
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I have found that it is less about the fact that they are hotlinks, but are just REALLY big groups. I would assume that it would come down to either your file read speed or your CPUs generation of nodes.

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