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Which Laptop Will Run Archicad 10

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Wondering if you can help me- I would like to buy a laptop for home use that will run archicad 10- not at lightning speed but comfortably-
Have looked a dell inspiron 9400 retailing at approx £760 but am getting different feedback-not quick enough etc.
Its for a little home use only- not full time and I like the idea of it not taking up the space a hard drive etc will!
Any comments re its ability to run the package would be useful. I really haven't a clue about the set up of computers.


Gerald Hoffman
I just purchased the one listed in my signature below and find it very good. The video is very good and I drive a 24" panel monitor easily. It as a DVI video output which a lot of laptops don't have.

It was a little pricey but I am hoping to get at least 3 years out of it. I now use this as my sole computer. I bought an ESATA 250 MB hard drive that I use as a backup for all my data files and actually run my Archicad files from it as it is faster than the laptop drive by 10-15%.

Hope this helps.
"The simplification of anything is always sensational" GKC
AC 25-4013 USA, CadImage Tools
2019 MacBook Pro 16" w/ AMD Radeon Pro 5600M GPU
OS X 11.6
2.4 Ghz 8 core i9, 64 GB RAM
27" LG 5K Monitor

Stephen Dolbee
Dell's 9400 is a good machine. However, other users on this forum have recommended not using windows vista. So, see if you can get the 9400 with XP, instead. Also, get it with a 256 video card, since the memory is otherwise "shared" with the video.
From what I have heard about the Macbook Pro, I will be tempted to go to the other side, next time around.
AC19(9001), 27" iMac i7, 12 gb ram, ATI Radeon HD 4850 512mb, OS 10.12.6

Greg Kmethy
We have an article about what you should consider when buying a computer for ArchiCAD:
In case of laptops video card and display size matters. Shared video memory is not the best option, but even more important IMHO is the screen resolution: I recommend something bigger than 1280*1024
Gergely Kmethy
VP, Customer Success, Graphisoft

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