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About Apache Log4j vulnerability

Dear All, Last week, a critical security vulnerability in Java logging library Log4j has been found. The vulnerability allows attackers to perform remote code execution, which means they can run any code and access all data on the affected machine. I...

macOS Big Sur Education License

Hello!I have MacBook Pro 15inch 2018 and system macOs Big Sur. Since 2 years Im not able to run Archicad on my Mac. Everything is ok to the moment when Archicad Edu want a License Key. I put it and then I get a massage that Verification is valid. I h...


How many Twinmotion licences I have?

My organization have 32 hw + 4 sw Archicad network licences w SSA. How many Twinmotion licences I have?How many PC i can install TM?I need many EGS accounts for each PC or only one? Thanks.

garick by Contributor
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HELP I cant download twinmotion

So I'm trying to download the free twinmotion to my computer but I can't connect my ID (as shown here, the button is unclickable). I just created my account and got the free student license, does that have something to do with this problem?


Resolved! There is no Python panel

Hello everyone. There is no Python panel in AC24/25 RUS. The INT version has everything.Yes, an experimental feature is enabled in the settings.

Snimok_ekrana_2021-08-09_233948.png Snimok_ekrana_2021-08-09_233737(2).png
hybrid by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Why i can't sign up in Archicad Software?

Hello everyone, I recently got Archicad 25 and while i wanted to publish a bimx hyper-model , so i can share my project to my friend, but while doing so , it is necessary to sign in to my graphisoft ID, and when i clicked sign in , a blank dialogue w...

Text disappears in AC25 when zoom?

Hi After installing Archicad on our MAC, we've had a problem with the text partially disappearing as we zoom in and out of the drawing! I have a Macbook Pro and 2 extra 27 "screens. It is only on the 2 extra screens that it appears. And it has not be...

Resolved! UI icon lost in many places. HELP!

Hey guys! My Archicad 24.6004, Some UI icons are not shown, just left blank grey ones. As shown in below.I repair the installation, NOT WORK.Did someone happen to know how to solve this problem?THANKS!


Bimcloud with a location and no internet

I currently use one license but will soon add others.For now I have my pln file on a server that is synced on my laptop and office.As long has I can sync I work just fine.But Now I am migrating in preparation for the others.When I go to a remote site...

Sign in page blank

Hi! I can't log in at the Graphicsoft login page on my software.It only shows a blank page. I tried to follow this tutorial, but with no success.I'm using Windows 10 on latest build.Archicad Solo 25. Any ideas? It's not antivirus, firewall...

Renewal of my Archicad Educational License.

Hello, I need to renew my student license. But I have a problem. I received this notification: "For the application to be approved, please send the GRAPHISOFT student status document to the partner." How do I submit my student document to GRAPHISOFT?

Anny25 by Contributor
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