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Trace Reference is so slow

Is there at the Forum are still having problems after the update fixes AC19-4011 that the decline in performance on the Trace Reference is activated when the great work will be very slow? This is to make the selection on the Pet Palette Edge just so ...

Persistent problem after a new CodeMeter dongle

Hello! New CodeMeter dongle had its licence updated for ArchiCad 19. After that there's been an unexplained problem I can't solve. Can there be a problem in ADSL settings? It is using bridged connection to get through or maybe a NAT problem? Or maybe...

MkieS by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Problems coping and pasting with one file

Hi, I'm having a really weird issue with a file. When I copy something it takes a while, the color flywheel starts and the when I paste the element be it a wall, slab or object it pastes an exploded view. Now it sometimes doesn't even copy and I get ...

Apple machines fan noise with ArchiCAD 19

ArchiCAD 19 promises backgroud calculations - faster opening 3D and elevation views. Older ArchiCADs run silently on Retina MacBook Pro and iMac. Does always on background calculation mean that MAcBook Pro and iMac has constantly humming fans?

Jussi_ by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

New notebook for CAD systems (Intel Core i7 5500U)

Hello people, I have one question, I want to buy a new notebook (no computer), which I want to use for CAD systems, because I am student of architecture. I want to buy someone like this

sekerjak by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

entering numerical values

I don't know what I've done accidentally. When I type in 45 for 45' high wall, I got 5' 4". I need to move my cursor behind 5, and type a 4 in order to get 54'. This only happens at one of my computers, and the others don't have the problem. Is there...