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Problem - Unable to change certain settings

I'm new to Archicad and am having a problem with certain object options not being saved after I select them. For example, as in the attached series of screenshots, if I try to select any option with a sideways arrow selector (such as 'Show on Stories...

DeanP by Newcomer
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New computer or not??$??

I currently have an iMac 27" mid 2011... 3.1 12GB 1TB ST31000528AS... SATA Disk, whatever that is (Fusion?). I am going to undertake a big, long term rendering project. I have several hundred plan files I want to generate new CineRender for. I have l...

Time for a new plotter HP T520 or the HP T120...

Hi everyone. My old HP Designjet 500 plus has finally had its day. The T520 is $3k extra, but has HPGL/2 connectivity, 1G memory. The T120 has 256MB memory, no HPGL/2 and may be considerably slower. Is anyone using either of these machines and how do...

Ant Kiwi by Newcomer
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AC19 Upgrade error?

I attach an error message received since upgrading my AC19 with upgrade 4100. No idea what it means or what I should do.

KeesW by Contributor
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Error Message at Launching Archicad

I have just installed ArchiCAD-19-Update-4011, and when I start Archicad, I get the error message shown on the attachment. I reinstalled the update and the same message occurs even though when I hit OK the program continues. How do I fix it? Thanks.

Error Message.JPG

Archicad 18 Build 7007

I downloaded and installed the newest Build (7007) for Archicad 18, and Norton Internet Security is sending up all kinds of warnings saying several of the files within Build 7007 are unsafe.

Select Dimensions Disapearing

I will have to describe the issue because i didn't think to get a SS, I just want to see if anyone has heard of or run into this issue. Working on a floor plan and the running dimension lines randomly only are showing every other dimension point. For...

can't find a link to download ArchiCAD 16 or 17

Hi everyone, i'm currently an architecture student and in this semester i'm taking a CAD course that mainly focuses on ( SketchUp - ArchiCAD ) and some rendering softwares. Sometimes we're asked to do a homework and bring it to the lab, or to complet...

fah_sal by Newcomer
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Bug - can't change properties

Hello! I've got a problem. I can't change properties of objects. When I change property from the list nothing happens. This problem appeared since I upgraded to El Capitan. This bug appears in AC 18 and AC 19. I use mac, El Capitan 10.11