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iMac or PC

Hi Everyone, I'm about to purchase a new computer to run archicad 19 and photoshop. Currently i am a final year student and working for a modular building company, so my files generally aren't massive unless its a university project. At the moment ru...

Archicad 19 still freeze

Good day I have been testing ArchiCAD 19 demo and still freezes ... which is not the problem ... I have updated the drivers, formatted and installed windows 7 again and nothing ... in Resource Monitor says that a ArchiCAD is waiting thread communicat...

surface texture image reversed in 3d rendering

In ARCH 19 my surface texture image is reversed in 3d and in 3d rendering. ARCH 18 had no problem when a jpg image was uploaded to create a realistic painting in 3d. In ARCH 19, this texture image is now a reversed image, ie. if it was to the right, ...

alanbob by Newcomer
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Black window when trying to install AC 19 Trial

I have a client who is trying to install the 1 months trial version of AC 19 on his iMac 2011, 2.7 i5, 32 GB RAM, OS 10.10.4. When he clicks on the downloaded installer a solid black window appears instead of the usual installer interface. He has upd...

User interface in Mac different than Windows

I have been using Archicad in Windows for 5 years. I just switched to Mac. I am surprised and annoyed that the Navigataor, Toolbars, Infobox, Toolbox, Palettes, and the windows themselves do not "dock" to each other. They are just floating around the...

Firefox crashes when launched from ArchiCad

My default browser Firefox has started crashing every time I select an item from the Help menu. If I change the default to IE it works OK but I'd ratehr stay with Firefox. I tried resetting but there was no change. Any suggestions?