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AC 19 Crashes when placing 3D Camera

Hi all, Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. When I place a 3D Camera on plan AC19 crashes. I can reopen the file but if I select the camera it crashes. I had to save it back to AC18 to delete the camera to get rid of it. This is the...

Dual screen issue

Hello everyone, I'm having an issue with archicad 18 on OSX (10.10.5) and a dual monitor setup. I want to have all my pallets on the second screen and use the first screen for the drawing. The problem is every time archicad looses focus (I click on t...

Problems saving PLN in v18

I am having issues saving PLNs to a Mac Server in ArchiCAD 18. I can save to my desktop will no issues. I can drag and drop the PLN from my desktop to the Mac Server. Today I tried to "Save As..." and I received a message that stated ArchiCAD 18 coul...

WEDway by Newcomer
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ArchiCAD 19 Composites Issue

I have come across a glitch / issue with Composites. If you open the composites tool panel and create a new composite, but then decide to cancel and come out of the composite window, you can't get it to re-open. If you click ok, then it works fine, b...

WALtd by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

iMac or PC

Hi Everyone, I'm about to purchase a new computer to run archicad 19 and photoshop. Currently i am a final year student and working for a modular building company, so my files generally aren't massive unless its a university project. At the moment ru...

Archicad 19 still freeze

Good day I have been testing ArchiCAD 19 demo and still freezes ... which is not the problem ... I have updated the drivers, formatted and installed windows 7 again and nothing ... in Resource Monitor says that a ArchiCAD is waiting thread communicat...

surface texture image reversed in 3d rendering

In ARCH 19 my surface texture image is reversed in 3d and in 3d rendering. ARCH 18 had no problem when a jpg image was uploaded to create a realistic painting in 3d. In ARCH 19, this texture image is now a reversed image, ie. if it was to the right, ...

alanbob by Newcomer
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