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18 or 19 ?

Hi all, We are upgrading and find it hard to choose between 18 or 19. We have have our computers including late 2011 iMac, late 2009 iMac 2009 Mac Mini's.(ssd + 8G ram) Is that something that support 19 running smoothly? or do we just go for 18? Many...

shute by Newcomer
  • 6 replies

Need Dongle in Seattle Area

Help! I managed to leave my dongle behind, so find myself dongle-less in Seattle. I have work that needs to be done ASAP - what is the most expeditious way of obtaining a dongle? I'm in Bellevue, WA, but will travel if necessary. Can a temp dongle be...

DennisG by Participant
  • 0 replies

Install ArchiCad 12 on Windows 8.1 64

Will get v 19 in the future. In the meantime, I am hoping to find a way to install my Commercial version of AC 12 on my new computer which has Core i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM, 2 GB nVidia graphics, Windows 8.1 64 bit. Can only get as far as the Install screen...

OS X Yosemite & Logitech mouse

My quite young Logitech Performance MX (wireless) mouse has started misbehaving and I'm not sure if it's a hardware or software fault. It's not AC specific with the same thing manifesting in other apps and the OS X desktop. The problem I'm seeing is ...

Windows 10 - lag when selecting and no double-click

After updating to Windows 10 my system works just as before except for Archicad 18 (FIN, r6000). a) When selecting an object in the viewport, there is a 4-10 second pause of Arhicad being unresponsive. b) I can click and right-click the Contents wind...

pejotu by Participant
  • 1 replies

Trouble with "Custom Scale" printing

Just installed 19 and started my first 19 project. When I attempt to print and choose a "Custom Scale", I get a spinning/waiting cursor icon and it hangs. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Any ideas how to correct it? Thanks

Hardware Brokers?

I'm seeing that a really amazingly tweaked desktop could be pretty cool to set up, however I do not have the knowledge of what is out there right now and how to set it up? For example I don't know what it means to "overclock" something. I don't know ...

Gus by Newcomer
  • 2 replies