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WIBU for Arch v9 32bit on 64 bit Windows?

Have been trying unsuccessfully to install v9 32bit on a 64bit xp os. The software will install but I cant get the key to work. Any ideas? Looks like I will have to upgrade OS anyhow so will v9 work with Windos 7 pro or higher? Thanks for any help!

WIN8 freeze !

archicad freezes every day on my windows 8 computer, it gets very slow or stops to be accessible. i have to kill the proces in the taskmanager. a colleague has the same on windows 8, other colleagues with windows 7 don't have this problem this is som...

What happens with old version files?

Hello! I have a complaint! I know that new version of ArchiCad can't open files from very old versions! This is very sad for such a professional program! What about if i have a project made on version 7 thirteen year ago and the client need to make s...

miker by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Archicad 17 not extracting

Trying to install 17: Downloaded from myArchicad both with IE and Chrome Antivirus disabled Firewall disabled running as administrator Java removed but nothing happens after the extracting message. Nothing starts - nothing in the specified folder. Ha...

hvid by Newcomer
  • 9 replies

Can't update hotlinks: Why?

Ever since a computer repair (early 2012 MacBook Pro; new logic board and graphics card), I can't seem to do a few things in ArchiCAD, including updating any Hotlinked Modules, or placing external drawings. I've attached a composite of 2 screen grabs...

AC 16 Hotlink issue

Hi all I'm having issues with my master file after changing the hotlink file. After linking to the new hotlink I see everything in the Plan Window of the master file but see only random elements (about 10% of the model) in the 3D window. I have since...

emerich by Newcomer
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