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Text issue Archicad 6.5 on windows 7

The problem: I have a client who really wants to run Archicad 6.5 Whilst im trying to change that problem its not going away. So onto the text issue, it is the same as This issue but with windows 7 not XP. Windows 7 doesn't have the same check boxes ...

fezzr by Newcomer
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composite thickness remains zero

hello everyone. In one project, all of the skin thickness appears as ZERO and cannot be changed. all the materials doesn't have thickness at all. I try to set skin thickness of materials, but it remains zero. (Options>Element attributes>composites) I...

Trial Version / v17

I have not posted here in years, so I am way out of date. But I just went to look at the latest version of AC17. I wanted to download it, but the latest available for download is v16. Anyone know if there is an actual v17 trial. Seems odd that they w...

rm by Enthusiast
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Transfer Archicad 16 profile to Archicad 17

My office wants me to look into this. We are making the switch from 16 to 17 and want to transfer our profiles as well each individuals preferences, toolbars, and button layout settings will not need to be set up again. I am hearing from co-workers t...

ArchiCAD Users in Bristol UK

I'm trying to get myself back into ArchiCAD after a looooong absence, the last version I used intensely was v7! I'd like to have a chat to somebody in the area and just have a chat about latest methodology / user interface etc. just to help get into ...

Java issues

Hi, I was given a copy of Archicad 17 to roll out, but noticed it needs java 17. Java 17 causes issues with our oracle forms so we are stuck on 16. What would break if I remove 17? Thanks Stuart.

StuM91 by Newcomer
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Archicad 17 crash on opening

Yesterday I uninstalled my display driver software, because it prevented me from changing my screen brightness there're two of them, the intel one, and the geforce nvidia. Then, after that I reinstalled my display driver. After that, I tried to open ...

Graphic Card for Archicad17?

I am looking to buy a new pc and I was proposed two similar systems with the main difference on the graphic card One is suggesting the Sapphire R9 270X 2GB and the other the R7770-PMD1GD5 1GB I'm really confused because I don't want to play games wit...

Archi CAD 6,5 - Licence change

Hello, I'd like to ask is it possible to change old program licence. I've got the Archi CAD 6,5 with education licence and I would like to change it to the full comercial licence. What shall I do to achieve that if it's even possible? I know it sound...

trojden by Newcomer
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