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crash - renovation in section

don't know if this is a known problem but when i use the renovation palette to change the status of something into say to be demolished when working in section, AC will crash instantly. working in AC17.

I cannot download ArchiCAD 17 educational version

Hello, I'm so frustrated...I registered for the student version, got my confirmation email/1-year license, which gave me a link to, where I found my serial #. Next to the serial number, there was a "download" button. I've tried six way...

cc0353 by Newcomer
  • 11 replies

ArchiCAD goes non responsive, possible bug?

This is the second time it has occurred, so I've decided to post it here. So here's what happened: Both times, I was just doing regular editing here and there, all went well, until I came across this little group of 2D images I saved together as one ...


Hotfix #5 (5014) install problem

Attempts to update ArchiCAD 17 with Hotfix #5 (5014) have resulted in a halt to the install and showing the following error message. (Hotfix #5 error.png attached) We insured that any virus scanner is off (we use CalmX AV). We shutdown and re-booted ...

jatassoc by Participant
  • 3 replies

3Dconnexion buttons now longer work

Hello everyone, I'm having some trouble with my 3Dconnexion SpaceExplorer USB. I'm using this device for quite a while, it has 15 buttons on it that are programable what makes the keyboard almost useless. I use the SpaceExplorer in combination whit a...

ac 17 is running in demo

Recently i upgraded my license from ac14 to ac17. i have installed ac17 in my system (win 7) then i plugged wibu key, below it showed wibu box is successfully installed. then i open ac 17 its running in demo mode. can any give me a solution for this ...

Losing Escape Key function randomly

When working in 2D at any given time the Escape Key quits functioning and does so on different projects. I can right click and cancel out of a command. The only way I can reset the escape key is to log out of ArchiCad and restart. Suggestions?

New Network Server and Archicad Links

We are getting a new network server tomorrow and are concerned about this disrupting our Archicad linked files (Hotlinks, Referenced Drawings, etc.). Has anyone dealt with this issue before? We plan to clone our network server, so the file paths shou...

AC16 file to AC17 - large file?

I'm using educational versions of ArchiCAD. And in Finnish. Therefore I might have some wrong translations here concerning ArchiCAD's commands, menus and other texts. Sorry for that. In AC16 I have a project (let's say FILE1.pln) and the file size is...