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AC16 file to AC17 - large file?

I'm using educational versions of ArchiCAD. And in Finnish. Therefore I might have some wrong translations here concerning ArchiCAD's commands, menus and other texts. Sorry for that. In AC16 I have a project (let's say FILE1.pln) and the file size is...

Annoying Dialog Box when opening Archicad

Anytime I open Archicad from the finder, I get the Dialog box shown below. The setting in the Firewall pane is set to accept incoming network. Anyone else getting this. Does not appear to do any harm, but it is annoying.

Mirroring one Mac of multiple Mac displays

I use two screens for my mac & would like to add a third at a remote location in the office specifically for client viewing. I would like to have the remote screen be the same display as one of my two screens. I can't find a way to do it & a couple o...

jcrarch by Newcomer
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memory full error

I get this error, anyone know for which memory is this error C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\ArchiCAD 17\ArchiCAD.exe Unused in temporary folder : 116190.5 MB Memory full! ................................................... OpenGL NVIDIA Corporation GeFo...

Macbook Pro Retina bootcamp impossibly slow!

Hi all, Hopefully someone can help me as I've spent 2 days trying to fix this. I have a new MBPr (Macbook Pro Retina) 13" - upgraded i7 processor, 16gb ram, 1tb HDD, etc. I've set up Bootcamp to run and installed Windows 7 and a few other things (off...

which laptop could i buy under £1K for archiCAD?

Hello, could sy help me which laptop could i buy (less £1K). I never used laptop before for drawing. I tried to find out it and read lots of topic, but i just dont know and am not good in technical details. I saw two laptops in store, could sy help m...

Rebuilt Lenovo; not compatible w/ AC?

I have a little desktop Lenovo that I was looking at picking up inexpensively, but; AC12 wont load from my disc (with Visuall C++ patches installed). It gets to 1% then thinks it's done. The log file says something about 'JVM not found'. And AC17 tri...

Spacebar and Esc functions won't work

I have recently noticed that the spacebar will not work as a proxy for the magic wand. It does show the magic wand cursor, but to no effect. This happens in both AC16 and AC17. Also, the Esc key will sometimes not cancel operations or selections for ...


Does each hotfix pick up program corrections done in previous hotfixes? I am currently on AC17 build 3013 (Hotfix 1 installed). Haven't been using 17 for a while and just got notification of Hotfix 4. Can I skip hotfixes 2 and 3, or do they need to b...

CodeMeter x10 - user cannot grab a license

1 of 10 user in a CodeMeter-x10 license system cannot grab a license after lunchtime. That was when he logout his ArchiCAD. 1. System: License server is Windows XP 2. Clients: all are using AC12 3. I can see from the CmContainer Webadmin there are 0 ...