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Resolved! Download AC 20 for Windows 10...

Hi, I have been using AC 20 and earlier versions on Mac for years; and now I need to install on Windows 10 laptop. Where can I download the AC20 software for windows? and can I still use my key for both Mac and windows? Thank you

Llian by Participant
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I'm trying to create a Myarchicad user to download a 30 day trial w/ extension, however all the links on this page ends up with an error: connection refused. I´ve tried the links on other computers and it works there, but not on my own. Why is this h...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Nothing showing at 3D wiew after using Roof Wizard

Hi! I need urgent help with using Roof Wizard. Nothing is showing at 3D view after creating roof structures with roof wizard. All the elements and objects including the roof structures can still be selected only by ''select all'' and I can see the se...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Complex Profile Beams "Flipping" after Back-Saving

I've noticed that certain complex profile beams end up in the wrong orientation (mirrored 180 degrees about the reference line) after back-saving to previous version. Specifically, this issue seems to show up at the point I save from AC22-to-AC21. (A...

Crashing - ARCHICAD 24 build 5004 Mac OS 10.15.6

Random acts of violence! There is nothing consistent that I can see in AC24 crashing. I am just getting into a new project and I have been creating a new template for AC24, but it crashes daily and likely more if I had time to work on it more. Does a...

Problem in 3D Mode

Dear friends, I work with Archicad for a long time and suddenly 2 problems appeared First one is when i want to draw a morph in section plane i cant see any lines( creating lines) when drawing on surface. Second problem i will upload as a photo, its ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Project Zero

Hi all, My Project Zero seems to be at a strange default. I would like to have Sea Level and Project Zero at 0 meter elevation when opening Archicad 24, how do I get this to work? Attached 2 pics, one that shows the default bottom elevation linked to...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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HELP! 2d plan performance is SO SLOW!!!!

BIM Managers! I need some help. I have one project with unacceptable 2d plan performance. I’d like someone to open the file, and determine why it behaving so badly, and adjusting the file so that it is usable again. (DM me please with a consulting pr...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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