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Archicad license

hi all, If i will Update my Archicad in the latest build, Does my license still remain active? or should I get another one

free trial license

hello, excuse me for my english, i'm a french student and i have a question. Is it possible to have a free trial license but for Archicad 23? On intenet they only propose free trial license but only for Archicad 25!!

Resolved! Codemeter Key with 2022 MacBookPro 16 (USB-C only)

Hi all: So this probably has a very obvious answer since it doesn't look like anyone has posted about it, but how do I get Archicad to "Authorize" without a USB-A port - will a simple cable adapter (i.e. usb-c to usb-a) work? I looked in the Archicad...

Reactivate education version

Good day. I have a education version for Archicad 24 and worked on a free frail for Archicad 25 for a fee days and want to activate my Archicad 25 with my education version and serial number but I'm struggle to stop the free trail to activate my educ...


I am spending a couple of weeks in North America amnd will be working while away . I have downloaded my licence to my laptop computer but just wanted to be sure that the licence will work ok if i am connected to an overseas internet connection.

The license key does not work on another device

Helo, I have AC 16 and this version is enaugh for my job. So, when I try enter to AC I received 503 Error. AC is not detected License Key and showed me register site. GS Dealer is hard to talk and is not to give me email and password to enter the AC?...

Archicad software perpetual license issue

Hi, I have purchased an Archicad software perpetual license from BIM Engineering Solutions located in Dubai i have been provided with a temporary license 128-......... Graphisoft ID: bmc_est at (details edited by moderator) by Mr. Mohannad ...

bmc by Participant
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License activation

Hello,I have the student license, but the license is for Czech language and Archicad I have in English.How can I resolve the problem with this note: This serial number is only for CZE program version. Thank you very much